Kamme Edsberg

Director (2 year commitment)

For the past twenty-six years, Kamme has dedicated much of her time and talents to volunteering and serving in her community. She has managed and assisted with several successful political campaigns, taught as an art instructor for many elementary schools in the areas where her family has lived, and was one of the founding members of a charter school in Utah County. 

In addition to being an active real estate agent, she has most recently served in the following capacities:

  • WCSD Board of Advisors, Leadership Dixie Academy
  • WCBR Governmental Affairs Committee
  • WCBR Programs & Socials Chairwoman 2021
  • WCBR Programs & Socials Chairwoman 2020
  • WCBR Programs & Socials Committee Member 2018 & 2019

Kamme loves a challenge and dedicates her full attention to the task or venture ahead of her. In her free time she enjoys reading, nature photography, hiking and exploring local trails, and spending time with her friends, family, husband of twenty-seven years, and two grown children.