Joe Langston

President Elect (3 year commitment)

My name is Joe Langston, I moved to St George when I was in Elementary school in 1985.  I left St George in 1993 for my Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Mission and to finish up college.  My wife, Kerry and I were married in June of 1996 and we returned to St. George in January 2000 with a real estate license and that has been our primary means of income since.  We are the proud parents of four wonderful individuals, our oldest two daughters are married and we expect a Grandson in January.  Our son is in LA pursuing modeling and show business and our youngest is a Senior at DHHS. 

Through my real estate career I have found that I have been able to avoid a lot of issues, problems and bad feelings by communicating regularly, managing expectations, doing the right thing every time and when there is an issue, fixing it. Needless to say, I do not have a perfect track record, but those are my four mantras that I try hard to follow. 

 As a candidate for President Elect, and particularly if elected, I would really like to see our professionalism increase, our communication improve, our education enhanced and the general feeling of what we do and who we are rise in the view of our clients and community. I want us all to be seen as legitimate business people and not something less. 


 If elected, I hope to work in those directions to make a difference in our craft.